About Us

Elderbrook Consulting is located in Tägerwilen, Switzerland and we provide our services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry on a global scale. We target quality services for electronic solutions within the frame of clinical development and offer a wide range of experience.

We at Elderbrook Consulting place an extremely high value on the balance between quality, efficiency and finding practical ways to utilise our knowledge. That means using our expertise and your (time) investment to distinctly tailor solutions to you and your needs. Our angle is a unique stance on working together in an open and honest way to create fresh and finessed versions of what you already do.

Our specialties are e-solutions and clinical development and we thrive in finding niche and out of the box ideas for your company. Our knowledge is combined with a high level of professional and social competency.

The name of the company ELDERBROOK is composed as a merging of the terms ELDER and BROOK. Both of those terms have a significant meaning to me in their duplexity of interpretations.

On the one hand, the elder represents the elder tree, which’s branches were put above doors to ward off evil in the middle ages. To add to that, the elderberries have healing powers and are still used in natural medicines. On the other hand, the elder of a community is an older, more experienced and thus hopefully wise person that can provide guidance.

The second component of the name, brook, for one part is derived from my last name “Brooks” and, for the other part, it is also a word that describes a fresh water creek.

Putting it all back together, the water of the creek combined with my name stands for my ability to provide you with a spring of fresh ideas, while the elder signifies the experience and wisdom that is needed to keep harm from your company.

It basically reflects three points which are important to us:

There are no standard solutions

Every company is uniquely built and infused by the people who dedicate their time and effort into it. Each individual has to be respected and their knowledge and skills need to be recognized. Thus, every single solution that is found needs to be in line with the company’s culture and environment.

Solving problems is an adventure

Spending as much time of our lives as we do at work, it would be a waste not making it a fun experience. Changing your view on an issue and seeing it as a challenge and possibility for growth and tackling an adventure rather than a roadblock can increase fun and decrease frustration. This is especially true when there seem to be too many or too overwhelming problems to handle. That is exactly the time and place where the adventure begins and possibilities arise. It is our belief that a good laugh and a change of perspective helps to loosen up some tensions and opens up the doors to fresh energy and original ideas.

We provide good value for the money

We are convinced that entrepreneurial principals and great quality are the foundation and the requirement for long lasting growth. Ideally compliance and quality directly and reciprocally result from each other. This leads to the fact that the more compliance and quality are engrained in the simplest daily tasks in a practical manner the more efficiently a company can become in its regulatory environment. Because of this we go the extra mile every time to find creative but pragmatic solutions that are worth the money and energy, both in the long and the short run.